Player mat for Rock Hard: 1977 board game
Eric Fairchild, the Party Animal

There WILL be knobs on these player mats. My hope is to find some sort of small black cap that is just large enough to cover the rivets on the knobs while still leaving numbers that are easy to read and leaving the knobs small enough to fit five to a mat. It’s looking as if a 1.25″ knob rather than a 1″ knob will be needed, which means stretching the player mats and character cards correspondingly.

This entire exercise (learning Photoshop and physical prototyping — not to mention trying to get everything into both Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia) is really making me appreciate what graphic designers and UI experts do.

Also learning to appreciate how fast various glues dry. Short answer: not fast enough to keep stuff from sliding around, but too fast to get off your skin in time.